The Mission Statement-Approved by the UPC Session on June 21, 2017

                    As Christians, reconciled to God through Jesus Christ, we come together empowered by the Holy Spirit to:

                 >embrace and witness to the good news of God’s love to peoples of all backgrounds, cultures and faith experiences.

                 >nourish Christian fellowship through studying, worshiping, serving, trusting and loving God.

                      Commissioned by God, our purpose is to be active participants in discipleship providing ministries which:
                 >strengthen faith and encourage spiritual development—a living relationship with God
                 >guide and connect individuals to the relevance of God and biblical principles in all facets of life
                 >provide an inspired environment to foster the development of leadership skills, life skills and creative expression in order to

                    discover how the spirit of Christ may be expressed
                 >advocate for peace, justice and compassion for those separated from God and each other in order to fulfill God’s call:

                   “You shall love your neighbor as yourself”.
                 >develop relationships through putting the needs of others before our own and inviting others to walk beside us in sharing

                    the Christian faith journey
                 >demonstrate good stewardship of the resources (time, talent, facilities) blessed to us by a generous God

                                               The Vision Statement-Approved by the UPC Session on June 21,2017

             To be a thriving, passionate, energetic Christ centered family of Christians, filled with the living spirit of God represented by

             a variety of  backgrounds, cultures and faith experiences which is engaged in youth and adult ministries that cultivate:
                                     >youth and adult church leaders
                                     >new participants to our church family
                                     >uplifting, engaging, spirit-filled worship
                                     >Christian fellowship and discipleship
                                     >an active voice and relevant presence in our communities
                                     >relationships that model the unconditional love of God and bring honor and glory to God


​​​​​United Presbyterian Church of Plainfield

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